mlproj uses Node.js to run and NPM to be installed. Both can simply be installed by installing Node from

Once NPM is installed, installing mlproj is as simple as the following:

$ npm install mlproj -g

We got rid of all dependencies that were an issue on some platforms. Nowadays mlproj should install smoothly on all systems. If you have any problem, please shout out.


This issue is most likely because you have a problem with your NPM setup. See this page for an official way to fix it. These pages also contain a troubleshooting section for NPM in general.

This ticket also contains more info and pointers about this very issue, as well as a workaround. But I would rather use the first solution above as a way to fix your NPM setup for good.

If you want to read more about this problem, you can also have a look at this issue.