Watch modules, deploy them as soon as modified.


mlproj watch [-a srv|-b db] [-s src|-/ dir|-1 file] [what]

  -a, --as, --server <srv>           server, get its modules database
  -b, --db, --database <db>          target database
  -B, --sys, --system-database <db>  the name of the target system db
  -s, --src, --source-set <dir>      source set to watch
  -/, --dir, --directory <dir>       directory to watch
  -1, --doc, --document <file>       file to watch
  <what>                             source set or directory to watch


Works like the command deploy, except it watches the given source set or directory for changes, and deploys individual files as soon as they change on the filesystem.

This command does not return. It keeps processing untill you kill mlproj (e.g. using Ctrl-C on the terminal).