Setup the environment on MarkLogic.


mlproj setup [what]

  <what>              the specific component(s) to setup


This command makes sure the components exist on MarkLogic in the given environment. Components are:

  • databases
  • app servers
  • MIME types

It uses the connection details from the environment to connect to MarkLogic (from the connect property in the environment files, and --host, --user and --password on the command line).

If a component does not already exist, it creates it. If a component already exists, it ensures it has the right properties, or update them as needed.

With no value for what, it set all components up. If what is databases (resp. servers or mimetypes) it set all databases up (resp. all app servers or MIME types). If it is the name or the ID of one component, it set this specific one up.

We recommand you use the global option --dry with setup, so it does print the action it would take when you execute it again without the option. So you can double-check all modifications to MarkLogic is what you expect:

mlproj -d setup

To install the database with ID content:

mlproj setup content