Load documents to a database.


mlproj load [-a srv|-b db] [-s src|-/ dir|-1 file] [what]

  -a, --as, --server <srv>           server, get its content database
  -b, --db, --database <db>          target database
  -B, --sys, --system-database <db>  the name of the target system db
  -s, --src, --source-set <dir>      source set to load
  -/, --dir, --directory <dir>       directory to load
  -1, --doc, --document <file>       file to load
  <what>                             source set or directory to load


The files are loaded to a target, which is a database. It can be set using either:

  • --db, with a database in the environment
  • --sys, with the name of a database from outside of the environment (e.g. Documents)
  • --as, with an app server; the target databse is then its content database
  • if no explicit target is given, if there is a single one server in the environment, use it as the default value for --as
  • if there is still no target, and there is only one database, use it as the target

App servers and databases can be referenced by name or by ID.

Options --as, --db and --sys are mutually exclusive.


The content to load is given using either:

  • --src must be the name of a source set
  • --dir must point to a directory
  • --doc must point to a file
  • if <what> is used instead, and there is a source set of that name, use it as if passed to --src
  • if <what> points to a directory, use it as if passed to --dir
  • if <what> is not given either, its default value is "data"

Options --dir, --doc and --src, and argument <what> are mutually exclusive.


The following loads files under data/ to the content db:

mlproj load --db content --dir data/

Which does the same as the following command (assuming there is exactly one application server in the environment, with its content database being content):

mlproj load