Deploy modules to the modules database.


mlproj deploy [-a srv|-b db] [-s src|-/ dir|-1 file] [what]

  -a, --as, --server <srv>           server, get its modules database
  -b, --db, --database <db>          target database
  -B, --sys, --system-database <db>  the name of the target system db
  -s, --src, --source-set <dir>      source set to deploy
  -/, --dir, --directory <dir>       directory to deploy
  -1, --doc, --document <file>       file to deploy
  <what>                             source set or directory to deploy


Deploying code to an application server is essentially loading modules to its modules database. Therefore, the command deploy is exactly the same as the command load, with two differences :

  • the default value of <what>, that is what code to deploy, is src instead of data (by default deploy uses the source set src or the directory src/, instead of their data counterpart for load)

  • when given an app server as the target, deploy uses its modules database as the target database (instead of its content database for load). This also means that an error is thrown if there is no such modules database. Therefore it is not possible to deploy to an app server with modules on the filesystem.


The following loads files under src/ to the modules db:

mlproj deploy --db modules --dir src/

It does the same as the following command (assuming there is exactly one app server in the environment, with its modules database being the one with the ID modules, and the source set src is linked to the directory src/):

mlproj deploy