Like the famous git and apt-get programs, mlproj is one single program, providing several commands, by giving a different command name as the first parameter on the command line.

For instance, "mlproj new" invokes the command new with no option, to create a new project interactively.

The available comamnds are:

  • help - display help about another command
  • new - create a new project in an empty dir
  • show - display the environment
  • setup - setup the environment on MarkLogic
  • load - load documents to the content database
  • deploy - deploy modules to the modules database
  • watch - deploy modules as soon as modified

Each command can get parameters and options, after its name. Before its name, there can also be some global options. In the following invocation, -e is a global option, with value dev, load is the name of the command, and -d and data are options of the command itself:

mlproj -e dev load -d content data