mlproj is a project manager for MarkLogic. It allows you to get started in seconds with a new project. Literally!

You can describe and maintain your environments, and their specificities, in an easy-to-read and easy-to-maintain format. And you can of course automate the setup and deployment of your different environments.

In order to get started, install it using npm:

$ npm install mlproj -g

You will find the following documentation here:

To access the built-in help in the program, just invoke mlproj help:

$ mlproj help

   This is mlproj, version 0.38.0


       mlproj [options] <command> [options]


       help         display help about another command
       new          create a new project in the current directory
       show         display the environment
       setup        setup the environment on MarkLogic
       load         load documents to a database
       deploy       deploy modules to a database
       watch        deploy modules as soon as modified

   Global options:

       -c, --code <code>          set/override the @code
       -d, --dry, --dry-run             dry run
       -e, --environ <name>       set the environment name
       -f, --file <path>          set the environment file
       -h, --host <host>          set/override the @host
       -p, --param <name:value>   set/override a parameter value <name:value>
       -u, --user <user>          set/override the @user
       -v, --verbose                    verbose mode
       -z, --password                   ask for password interactively

   Command options:

       See the help of individual commands, e.g. "mlproj help load".

   Visit for all details.

This animation gives you a taste of mlproj (it creates a new project interactively, shows the details of the prod environment, and finally set it up on MarkLogic):

Feedback welcome (open an issue on Github, contact me on Twitter, or contact me by any other mean you are aware of...) Enjoy!